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SNAIL WHITE 10x Whitening Soap – Truth or Bluff?

SNAIL WHITE 10x Whitening Soap - Truth or Bluff 1

SNAIL WHITE 10x Whitening Soap – Truth or Bluff?


This is not the first time I tried the Snail White beauty soap, a few months later I reviewed Snail Whitening Soap very similar to this one. If you haven’t read it yet you can read the review here!

Snail White Soap 10x Whitening Power 70g

Now, I want to know which works best so I purchased SNAIL WHITE 10x Whitening Soap. Sound like a hype right, it says 10x whitening, really? I don’t know what it claims aside from those bold letters because the other details in the packaging are written in Thai language except the ingredients list. See this photo right here:

SNAIL WHITE 10x Whitening Soap_0709

The only difference from the Snail Whitening soap and SNAIL WHITE 10x Whitening Soap is the shape, the first soap is round while the second comes in a rectangular shape. This soap is 70g while the round shape is 50g. The color is the same and the scent as well. Also, SNAIL WHITE has added glutathione for best result.

Is SNAIL WHITE 10x Whitening Soap Truth or Bluff?

SNAIL WHITE 10x Whitening Soap_Before

Here’s My take on the product! I only used the soap for my face and during the time I have 2 big pimples. After 2 days of using SNAIL WHITE 10x Whitening I noticed that my pimples got dry, my facial skin tightens and some of my acne marks lighten in 2 shades. Amazing! It’s true, but 10x whitening is kind of like a HYPE. I think 5x whitening is acceptable. 🤗 I was amazed with its job to repair skin tissue, and rejuvenate the skin. It takes only a day to cure pimples and a week to lighten its pimple marks. So, I highly recommend this soap to person struggling with acne.

WHERE TO BUY SNAIL WHITE 10x Whitening Soap?

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